Policies and Procedures



Makeshift Spaces (the “Company” or “we”) strives to provide a safe, productive and fun work environment for its members. In light of this mission, we ask you to obey the following policies and procedures for working in our facility (the “Facilities”). Failure to obey these policies and procedures can make the Facilities unwelcoming to others, and such actions on your part may result in your membership being terminated without notice. Please take them seriously. We reserve the right to change these policies and procedures as needed and with notice to members as provided in your Membership Agreement.


  1. Respectful Behavior: In both in-person and electronic interactions, behave respectfully, courteously, and professionally to staff and your fellow members. Be respectful to others in your use of the Facilities. No discrimination, harassment, or hate speech shall be tolerated and will lead to immediate termination of your membership.


  1. Courtesy of Shared Spaces: Keep noise levels to a respectful minimum for the comfort and enjoyment of those in the immediate area. No loud discussions, music, or other noise will be permitted in the open common areas without the explicit permission of the members around you. Restore the common spaces to be as clean as or cleaner than when you found them. Help out if you see a mess that isn’t yours but needs cleaning.


  1. Boardroom/Meeting Room Usage: Private meeting rooms are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. To view availability and book a room, visit https://members.makeshiftworkspace.com. If the rooms are not booked for use at any given time, you are free to work in there for a change of scenery or if you need some extra space for a particular project. If there is an upcoming booking, please ensure that you are out of the room before the booking starts. As a common courtesy, please clean up after meetings, wipe down whiteboards, and leave the rooms clean for other members.


  1. Use of Equipment and Facilities: Use of the office equipment in the Facilities (the “Equipment”) is on a first-come, first-served basis unless otherwise scheduled. Do not remove any Equipment from the Facilities. Do not cause any damage to the Equipment or Facilities, excluding reasonable wear and tear. Do not use the Facilities for any unlawful, obscene, or objectionable purpose, or in a way that infringes on the intellectual property of third parties. Objectionable purposes will be determined at the discretion of the Company. All members are responsible for their own belongings and actions while using the Facilities.


  1. Mail/Address Use: All members may use the Facilities’ address as their own business address through the duration of their membership. You must use the exact address as it appears on the Contact page of our website. Mail must be addressed to Your Name or Company Name, along with our address. We will notify you by email of new mail upon arrival, and hold for pickup. Please contact us to arrange pickup. We do not accept “postage due” or COD items. We don’t have receptionists or staff on site at all times to collect mail. All members in the space can sign for member’s packages and put the mail/package in the mail storage area at either location.


  1. Guests: Non-member guests (“Guests”) may be permitted into the Facilities, as long as the Guest is accompanied by a member at all times. Guests are not permitted to use the Equipment and must not interfere with other members. Guests and their actions are the sole responsibility of the host member. The Company reserves the right to refuse access to any non-member guests without notice or explanation.


  1. Pets: Pets are conditionally allowed in the Facilities, under the discretion of the Company and the building owner. Before bringing a pet, you must notify the mailing list or the slack to inform the community to ensure that the other members will not be impacted. Pets must be on leash in common areas. Pets must be clean, well behaved, and must not leave a mess, or the Company or its designates have the right to ask them to be removed from the premises. Please do not allow pets to roam around the premises – they are to be kept near you at all times. Happy pets = happy members!


  1. Internet Usage: No spamming, posting, or downloading files that you know or should know are illegal or that you have no rights to. You may provide your Guests access to the Guest internet network. Do not give access to the Facilities’ Member internet to any Guest or other person unless you get permission from the Company. The internet is shared by all members, so respect bandwidth and avoid streaming of audio or video when possible.


  1. Confidentiality: During your use of the Facilities, you may be exposed to information belonging to the Company or another member that is, in whole or in part, non-public, confidential or proprietary in nature. You are obligated to maintain all information in strict confidence, not disclosing to any third parties.


  1. Facility Hours: Staffed hours for the Facilities are 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, excluding BC and Federal holidays. Members may have access to the Facilities during unstaffed hours. Members using the Facilities during unstaffed hours assume all risks associated with using the Facilities and Equipment alone without the aid and presence of Company staff on the premises.


  1. Events: From time to time, the Company may host community, networking, or other special events, or open the space up for private events. Please keep in mind that your workspace may be visible by members of the general public. You will be given advance notice of any events, and if the Facilities will be unavailable to use during the event.


  1. Insurance: The Company carries Liability and Business Personal Property insurance. As a member, it is strongly suggested that you carry a Renters Insurance policy to cover your own equipment while using the Facilities. You may be able to extend your home/residence policy to cover your use of the Facilities.


  1. Report of Accident: You must report to the Company any incident, accident, or injury that occurs in the Facilities immediately, or as soon as it is safe to do so.


  1. Bike Lockup: There is a bike storage/lockup area located in the Facilities, available on a first-come first-served basis. Members will be able to access it through the front entrance during regular working hours.




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