Our Vancouver Work Space

There’s a better way of working in your neighbourhood that doesn’t involve PJs or paying for four cups of coffee. In our Vancouver work space we believe in getting all the basics right: an accessible location, a comfortable environment, a strong technological offering, and a community that welcomes, inspires and supports you in your professional pursuits—and knows how to have fun when the work is done.

 In a nutshell: Coworking should be smart, comfortable and easy. We’re here to provide an inspirational, productive shared work space that supports business professionals, freelancers, and digital workers.


Space with Space

Our work space is inviting, clean, comfortable and quiet—the perfect environment for getting stuff done. With dedicated spots for phone calls, meetings, and socializing, our space minimizes distractions and helps you focus on your work. Taking into account ergonometric design and working styles, we’ve also created a variety of seated and standing desk options that will appeal to extroverts and introverts alike.

Keeping it Simple

Our pricing is kept lower by simplifying the service offering: Instead of lots of extracurricular programming and cool amenities, we tend to focus on the work part. However, social connection is important. We offer high-quality community events, provide introductions to other members, and use technology to connect with each other. When work is over, we run a few fun mixers or meet up next door at Strathcona Brewery.

Makeshift Work Space Team

We’re entrepreneurs who have been remote workers for over a decade. With videoconferencing and copious phone calls on the agenda, working out of a public space wasn’t an option — and working from home with kids presented a whole other set of challenges. While contemplating our Vancouver work space options we discovered the need for an inclusive, inviting space close to the downtown Vancouver core, and began the hunt for the perfect space in the right neighbourhood.

Monique Cherrie

Monique Cherrie


After nearly 20 years working with customers in both B2C and B2B relationships, Monique launched an event space rental business in 2015. Backed by her experience in event management, she has successfully hosted all types of businesses, from pop-up shops and markets, to motivational speakers and artists/designers. And we should note here that Monique’s extensive background in the security industry will be put to good use in this space, designing a security system to ensure all your property is safe. She is readily available to answer questions and make introductions.

Yvan Boily

Yvan Boily

Community Manager

With two decades of IT experience ranging from small business to web-scale technologies, Yvan is the mastermind behind our technology and provides technical guidance. His current role as a security researcher, has ensured that Makeshift Work Space is set up with the network and technology you need to get things done
. Yvan can help you plan the tech end for your special event or meeting, helping with configuration and advising on resources to supplement your needs.

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