What better way than to take peddle power to work instead of fighting traffic on your daily commute? I believe most of us know the benefits of biking to work but read on if you need a refresher.

1. Saving Money

Obviously if you stop driving your car, sell it, and cancel your license, you will save a lot of money!  We love our car-free friends — even so, most of us aren’t quite ready to go that far and there is still a significant savings to riding to work!  According to StatsCan, the median commute is 8.7 km, taking nearly 24 minutes – that adds up to a median 4,350 km of driving per year.  Depending on the kind of vehicle you have, you will get usually use 5-8L of fuel for 100 km, meaning between 217-348L of fuel per year.  With gas prices ranging from $1.39/L to $1.69/L.  The savings adds up – from $301.63 to $588 depending on the price of gas, and the type of car you drive!  Note that just includes the cost of gas, not parking, insurance or maintenance.

2. Improving your Health

The Barcelona Institute for Global Health reported that cycling was the mode of transport that had the greatest health benefits across every analysis – better even than walking!   Like every other form of physical activity, Health Canada cycling can reduce the likelihood of a large number of chronic conditions, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some kinds of cancer.

The effects aren’t limited to physical health either – keep reading for more information on how cycling can affect your performance and mental health!

3. Improve performance and reduce stress

I can’t think of any better way to prepare for a morning of stressful meetings than a 30 minute commute through Vancouver traffic, but I prefer to leave things to the experts… like the ones at Concordia University.  In 2017 they released a study that showed that employees who cycled to work had significantly lower stress levels in the first 45 minutes of work.  Over and above that, a study earlier this year linked walking and cycling to work with improved job performance, fewer missed days of work, and better mood than commuters who drive!

4. Reduce your carbon footprint

In case it’s not obvious, we love doing the math and making business decisions based on data, but the economics of being environmentally friendly are very complex.  Fortunately the folks over at Our Streets MPLS have done theirs (and ours :P) homework on the carbon footprint. It turns out that switching to riding your bike isn’t a carbon neutral activity – after all you still need fuel to ride your bike.  That said, the CO2 released per KM drops from 271 g/km to 16 g/km.  Based on the distance of 4,350 km from the average commute that takes a commuter from a little more than 1 (943 kg) ton of CO2/year to 70kg.  That reduction is nearly the same amount of carbon for a single passenger on a flight from Vancouver to Toronto!

At Makeshift Workspace we endorse all of these reasons for cycling to work, and to help our members out we have showers and a secure bike lockup for all of our members and guests!  Even if you don’t have a bike, or want to split your commute with public transit, it’s easy with the Mobi, Vancouvers Bike Share program situated just across the street, with stations all over the city!


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